What is poetry?

What is poetry? Poetry from Greek means creativity, creation.

In the narrow sense, poetry is understood as a poetic, rhythmically organized speech. In this sense, poetry is opposed to prose. The term poetry is also used in another sense.

Poetry arises when a social person again evokes in himself the feelings and thoughts experienced by him under the influence of the surrounding reality, and gives them a figurative expression.

Thus, the main feature of poetry is the presence of images in it. Unlike prose, where all literature of a practical nature that operates with concepts and inferences, the poem is thinking with images. The concept of a poem in this sense coincides with the concept of fiction as a specific ideological superstructure with its specific (figurative) form. The image is a specific sign of art in general, while poetry expresses, fixes its images in a word and is a verbal art.

What are the types of poetry?

What are the types of poetry? Poetry is one of the oldest literary genre. Not yet knowing the written language, people noticed that any story is easier to remember, if you set it rhyming verses. Therefore, poetry writing papers will always be relevant.

Poets give the sound of a word no less important than its content. Verses composed by poets easily set to music and turn into beautiful songs. Poems, as a rule, are written in rhyme. This means that the endings of the last words in two or more lines should be in tune with each other. However, rhyme is not necessary for the poet, and sometimes they write so-called "blank verses" devoid of rhyme.

Large poems are divided into parts chapters or couplets. Each line of the poem should have a clear, repetitive rhythm, which is called the poetic size. Rhythm is the alternation of stressed and unstressed syllables in verse. There are many kinds of poetry: it can be narrative, lyrical or dramatic.

A narrative poem tells a story. Lyrical poem conveys the thoughts and feelings of the poet. In the dramatic poem there are actors, and it is akin to a theatrical play. The most famous poet, who wrote his plays in verse, was William Shakespeare.

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