Genetic testing is the lynchpin of precision medicine, but the rapid pace of change in the market makes it enormously complex. Today, there are more than 65,000 unique genetic testing products on the market, and an average of 10 new products are added each day. This growth confounds the processes through which tests are ordered, resulted, billed and reimbursed.
Founded in 2010 with a vision to simplify this complexity, Concert Genetics (formerly NextGxDx, Inc.) launched as a healthcare technology company dedicated to streamlining the genetic test selection, ordering, payment and management for clinicians, hospitals, laboratories and health plans.

With a leading team of clinicians, researchers, data scientists and software engineers, Concert Genetics launched its proprietary solutions to enable end-to-end genetic testing management, from searching and comparing testing products, to tracking orders and results, to payment integrity and forecasting trends in pricing and utilization.

Today, stakeholders across the healthcare system turn to Concert Genetics to better understand and navigate the rapid transformation to precision medicine that is underway.

Integrated Genetics is driven by its commitment to patients and offers a broad array of testing services for reproductive and genetic medicine. Over 25 years of testing expertise utilizing sophisticated technologies has made Integrated Genetics a leading provider of high-quality testing services for physicians and their patients. With an extensive network of laboratories across the United States, Integrated Genetics assists thousands of clinicians in providing the best care possible to patients.

From maternal serum screening to cystic fibrosis and Ashkenazi Jewish carrier screening to RevealSM SNP Microarray - Integrated Genetics offers an expansive menu of testing options, so you can provide the best care for your patients.

We have the largest genetic counseling network in the United States, including close to 140 board-certified/board-eligible genetic counselors, 13 board-certified medical geneticists, and genetic counseling services at over 95 locations nationwide.