How to write a coursework: a sequence of actions

Subjects of coursework are given to students and approved by teachers of the department. The main requirement for the topic of coursework is its relevance, novelty.

The coursework writing should reflect modern theoretical and practical knowledge on this topic, its relevance is justified. The presentation of various points of view is welcomed. Coursework should be written in scientific language, in the business style of presentation. Of course, one should not allow spelling, semantic, factual errors.

What about other requirements for coursework? First, it has a certain structure: title page, content, entry, main body, conclusion, bibliography and various applications. In the introduction of coursework, it is necessary to briefly describe the essence of the topic, its modernity, the issues that will be considered in this paper. The main part of the work contains all the theoretical information collected by the student on the subject under study. The analysis of facts, processes and events is desirable.

Usually the main part of the coursework is divided into several chapters. The summary of the coursework mainly consists of the author's conclusions. Here conclusions are drawn, a vision of the problem is revealed, and the result is described with respect to the goal and tasks stated in the introduction. The list of references is made strictly according to the rules: serial number, author, title of the book, publisher, place and year of issue. It is advisory to place book titles as important or in alphabetical order. In the application of the coursework, you can place: tables, graphs, illustrations, maps.

Since all courseware are now made out on a computer, they are presented with formal requirements for registration: fields - no more than 2 centimeters, font size - 12, line spacing - 1.5. The volume of the course is within 30 pages. Pages are numbered. Requirements are made for the design of footnotes in the course. That's actually the answer to the question: "What is the coursework?"

The first thing you need to get a task on the coursework. Then it is worthwhile to look for the necessary literature. Having processed sources and manuals, it is necessary to ask the question of setting the purpose of the coursework.

Correct determination of the goal is 99% of the work. 1% is "villages and work diligently on the plan, periodically carefully looking at the requirements for writing and writing coursework (footnotes, list of literature, etc.)."

So, having set and formulated the goal, you need to think about the way you will achieve it, that is, to put more specific tasks and decide which methods of analysis you will have to use when writing.

Next, we draw up a work plan and begin to write the theoretical part, we need more calculations and studies. In the end, it is necessary to double-check the contents, to make informed conclusions. Drawings and diagrams, data tables are made after the final calculations.

The introduction is best written after the main (practical) part of the course, in this case you will have not just a topic, but its full development from setting the goal to the results, which is actually written briefly in the introduction.

Having done all the above, we proceed to the design of the work. Teaching the coursework in accordance with national standards, teachers usually attach great importance, since one of the goals of this type of training for the first courses is to teach students to work with documents and other standards. There are far from isolated cases when teachers return poorly designed work without even acquainting themselves with the content.

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